Juan took a part in Data Science in Digital Environments

In August 2019 our activist and data scientist Juan participated in Data Science in Digital Environments where he introduced  Probono activities in front of “Data Science” audience and CorrelAid community.

The event aimed to discuss the following questions:

  • How can we analyze the huge amount of digital trace data?
  • How can society benefit from our analyses? 









In order to tackle these questions, Correlaid put together a diverse program of talks, starting with the keynote speech on the #MeTwo movement.

Juan together with social activist Ali Can, who launched the hashtag last summer to draw attention to racial discrimination and racist attacks and group of other data scientists analyzed more than 200,000 tweets on #MeTwo. Using NLP techniques and dynamic network visualizations, they identified important topics and influential actors of the Twitter campaign. In their keynote, Ali and Juan shared the results of the project and discussed the societal benefits and limitations of such online movements with the audience.


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